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I'm Not Scared (Disco Mix) - Eighth Wonder                                                                                         Close - Art of Noise                                                                                                         
Rapture - Blonde                                                                                                     
Need You Tonight - INXS                                                                                                 
Let Me Go - Heaven 17                                                                                          
Pump Up the Volume - Marrs                                                                                                        
Rockit - Herbie Hancock                                                                                        
Fade to Grey - Visage                                                                                                         
True Faith - New Order                                                                                          
Situation (12'' Remix) - Yazoo                                                                                           
Who Needs Love (Like That) - Erasure                                                      
Dont Tell Me - Blancmange                                                                                                
The Model - Kraftwerk                                                                                                       
Don't Stop The Dance (Special 12'' Remix) - Bryan Ferry  
Getting Away With It - Electronic                                                                                                 
She Blinded Me With Science (US Mix) - Thomas Dolby
It's My Life (Extended Mix) - Talk Talk 


Немного о том как могли бы называться, но так и не назвались известные нам всем группы:

Nirvana - Pen Cap Chew, Skid Row -  Второй вариант некондиции скоро был востребован, а вот первый ещё ждёт смелых, идеально подойдёт для панк-трибьют-группы, возможно уже даже есть такая

U2 - Feedback

Queen - Smile

Green Day - Sweet Children - Не думаю, что с названием, у них что-то принципиально поменялось бы

The Who - The Detours, The High Numbers - Выбирали по принципу самого короткого
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Jamie T - Zombie
TV On The Radio - Happy Idiot
Julien-K - No You Can't
Them Bruins - Barrenlands
Constables - Saliva Bubbles
The Shallows - The Elitist
Reptile Youth - Colours
Boxed Wine - Innocent
Nervous Nellie - No Sound
Death From Above 1979 - Trainwreck 1979
Darlia - Animal Kingdom
Tiny Victories - Our Lady Of Route 80
Johnny Marr - Easy Money
Franz Ferdinand - Erdbeermund
Young Maverick - Hey Woo
Jake Bugg - Messed Up Kids
Tahiti Boy and The Palmtree Family - All That You Are
Sun Culture - Sea Salt
Arctic Monkeys - Snap Out of It